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June 19, 2006:

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Graffiti styles, pieces and murals from the graffiti photo archive of Neck.CNS

May 2, 2006: is the online graffiti photo archive of Neck.CNS. All the pieces and murals that I've taken pictures of since i began painting in 1989 were starting to collect dust in the attic. So I got the idea to open up my graffiti archive and share all these amazing graffiti pieces with you.


February 5, 2006:

The current issue of Graphotism magazine has a 42 page special feature about the ten year anniversary of cnskillz crew, so if you get the chance to flip through it, do it.


27 Addicts: a graffiti / design experiment

January 25, 2006:

27 ADDICTS is the documentation of the project ADDICTED TO GESTALTUNG: an experiment which is aiming for the point of intersection between graffiti and graphic design, as well as graffiti writing and computer-based design.


Boris Schmelter alias DYSET visits 27 like-minded graffiti artists, who are engaged as well with graphic design. The aim is to find innovative and independent ideas that deal with those genres in form and content. There is always one goal but there will be at least two ways to realise it: first the graffiti approach Ôø‡ preferably a spray-painted wall Ôø‡ after that the topic is dealt with graphically Ôø‡ with the help of design tools, like printing, photography and computer design.

The book contains the 27 emerged works as well as infos around the travels and the artists. More over 4 big interviews with Neck, Zedz, Toast and Boe/Viagrafik.

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neck, in Arteam Webzine, USA, 2004

interviews_arteam_cover.gifWHAT DO YOU WRITE?

my name is oliver, i write neck and represent cnskillz crew exclusively.


individuality. expressing your skills and creativity. style. nothing else. not the surface (train wall canvas). not the technique (special caps, tape, stencils). just your own style, no matter how you bring it into being. people will always strive for recognition and respect, so i think they will always keep writing their names. maybe graffiti will 'fall asleep' somewhere but i'm sure it will eventually resurface in a later generation.


neck, in Aerosolart Webzine, Italy, 2004

interviews_aerosolart_cover.gif Hi Neck, introduce yourself to visitors please...
I write Neck and represent CNSkillz crew. I did my first piece in 1989. In 1995, I moved to dÔø‡sseldorf for studying, met meric, moritz and efas. Together we founded cnskillz crew. And then things moved upwards from there on, jams and pieces all over the world, magazine recognition, a little fame. A short crew history can be found on the history section of our website,, plus a lot of pieces of all crew members: ate1, efas, meric, moritz, myself, scien, klor and seak.


neck, in bite webzine, japan, 2004

cover_bitemagazine.gif Q : What got you started in the graffiti art scene?

Hard to say... I was standing in front of this wall on my way to school and was hooked. I returned there often just to stare at it. It emanated some kind of trapped energy, a feeling of speed standing still. Something grabbed me and didn't let go.


"Eigentlich ganz bieder" - Seak, in Backspin Magazine, Germany, #53/2004

Es ist ein beliebiger Wochentag, als ich Seak treffe. Wir haben uns bei ihm zuhause verabredet. Er wohnt in einem Vorort von Kˆln, der passend zum Wetter wenig beeindruckend und eher eintˆnig wirkt. Eines von vielen Einfamilienreihenhˆ§usern ist es dann auch, in dem er mich empfˆ§ngt.


Neck, in CrewsCorner, Germany, Webzine, 2001

Wie kamst du das erste mal in Berˆºhrung mit Graffiti ?
Ein Freund zeigte mir eine Graffitimauer auf seinem Schulweg.. und da sass ich dann und habe mir das reingezogen: Pieces von Chip, Cemnoz, Neon, Roman, Scout... dann habe ich angefangen, die Styles abzuzeichnen und irgendwann habe ich mich auf die suche nach mehr Graffiti gemacht.


Seak, in Breakbeat Magazine, 2001

NRW is with no doubt one of the hotspots in the European graffiti scene, it is also the home base of the well known CNS crew ( that includes of some of the most brilliant writers such as ATEONE, NECK, MORITZ, MERIC, EFAS, french artists SCIEN & Miss KLOR and last but not least SEAK. Especially Seak who has a style of his own has made himself a name in the recent years.


Neck, in Breakbeat Magazine, Germany, #18/2001

Was bewegt einen Menschen dazu, die Dose zu nehmen und seinen Namen, den er sich selbst gegeben oder von jemanden bekommen hat, ˆºberall bekannt zu machen? Geht es immer nur um Ruhm und Ehre oder versteckt sich doch mehr dahinter? Kann es sein, dass man einfach seine Lebenserfˆºllung darin finden kann oder ist es mˆglich, dass sogar nur ein einziges Bild ein Leben verˆ§ndern kann? Hier ein Interview, welches diese Fragen vielleicht beantworten kann.


AteOne, in Just for the skilled Webzine 01/2001

Ich traf Dj Ate1 an einem ruhigen Sonntag Nachmittag und fragte ihn ein wenig ˆºber Funk, Dj-ing, Tapes und seine Crew aus. Doch bevor ich Euch das Ergebnis prˆ§sentiere, hier noch ein paar facts about Ate1 and CNS.


Neck, in Carpe Diem Magazin, #2/2000

A small biography ( where, how when and why) - I was born in 1974 in dˆºsseldorf, germany. Moved a bit around germany, found myself in munich and was confronted with graffiti there in spring/summer 1989.


Neck, in Clandestilo Magazine, Mexico, #1/2000

Those guys in europe really know how to rip shit. While most of us in the americas scratched our heads in awe, a new school of style warriors emerged in the early 90s. Now at the beginning of the new millennium, it's hard to not have heard of at least a few of these guys. They're everywhere. Loomit, Delta, Daim, Seak, How and Nosm, Hesh... and I'm only mentioning a few from the 3d chamber! But there's a dude who appears from time to time, usually as part of all-star productions with his unmistakeable style. Unlike his wallmates' pieces that tear and rip and shoot outward at each other, this guy's pieces seem to float, quietly, ominously... like a Death Star or an ID4 mothership, somewhat stealthy in design and usually in muted tones.


Neck, in 2def Webzine 09/1999

interviews_2def_cover.jpg Yo-Yo-Yo! Finally putting this damn exclusive interview with Oliver, the man himself .. - Neck of the Checkin Nuh Skillz Crew -. Damage & 2def in association with Reykjavik City and Fonn flew this guy over from Germany to paint a big project with Icelands finest.

After an eventful weekend (13-15 August 1999) we sat down at a local cafe and asked him some questions along with with the traditional sketch exchange. Thanks for everything Oliver!


Moritz, in Subworld Magazine #1/1999

when and how did you start?
i started writing around 1989/1990 after watching a short report on graffiti at a local tv station. i also recognized the first pieces around my hometown dˆºsseldorf and that's when i got hooked.


Seak, Moritz, Neck, in R.E.R Magazine #35/1999

SEAK > Mon nom est SEAK ONE, je suis originaire de la ville de Cologne en Allemagne. C'est ˆÝ la fin de l'ˆ©tˆ© 1995 que je fonde le C.N.S. Crew avec DJ ATE 1, ˆ©galement de Cologne, et MERIC, EFAS, NECK et MORITZ qui eux viennent de Dˆºsseldorf.


Neck, in Blitzkrieg, Australia, #7 - 1999

interviews_blitz_cover.jpg Please let us start with some basic details, your name, your age, star sign, years painting and eye colour?
my name is oliver, i write neck/cns, i was born in 1974 as a leo, i started writing in 1989 and my eyes are green. satisfied?


Seak, in Adrenalin Magazine #4/1998

He's a writer from a small city near Cologne. Because of his numerous trips to other fellow writers all over Germany and Europe, he has done more productions outside of his hometown. In the winter of 95/96 he became a member of the graff-crew 'checkin nuh skillz'. Not too long ago he joined the 'evil sons' crew. some of you have probably seen his styles in some other publications. At his last trip to Hamburg, DAIM interviewed him.


Scien and Klor, in Adrenalin Magazine #3/1998

Woher kommt Ihr ?
Wir kommen aus Lille, der Nordseite Frankreichs. Meistens malen wir aber in Dunkerque.

Was bedeutet Euch Graffiti?
Grundsˆ§tzlich bedeutet es 'Style'. Scien: Viele mˆgen meine Characters, ich bevorzuge aber dennoch Schriftzˆºge. Characters sind nur ein Detail des Gesamtbildes, Styles hingegen sind eigentlich das Hauptding.


Neck, in ZGB Kaos, Croatia, #5 - 1998

interviews_zgb_cover.jpg OK, you can now introduce yourself...

You know, you can just insert what you know in this place. You know it all already.


But it's dangerous to leave it up to you...


Moritz and Neck, in Elements, Austria, #0 - 0798

interviews_elements_titel.jpg ELEMENTS: Stellt euch doch mal vor.
Neck: Ich male seit 94 den Namen NECK in der CNS crew (checkin' nuh skillz : ATE1 EFAS MERIC MORITZ NECK SCIEN & CLORE SEAK). Ich bin geb¬½rtiger D¬½sseldorfer, bin aber 1988 nach M¬½nchen gezogen und habe 89 angefangen zu malen. Im Moment bin ich zwecks Studium wieder in Dˆºsseldorf.
Moritz: Name: Moritz, Crews: CNS, DAK, Herkunft: Dˆºsseldorf, Alter: 24


Neck, in Bahnarbeiter, Germany, #6 - 1998

interviews_bahn_cover.jpg Spezi oder Pils?
Spezi rult, pils gibts ˆºberall, spezi ist speziell (trink das original), den ganzen schwip schwap und mezzo mix mist kriegt doch keiner runter. (gut beantwortet, die Red.)

Outlines oder Technik?
Eigentlich sowohl als auch, oder? Ich als Boogie-Down Hardcore Writer will Outline-Burner ohne Ende, aber dann wache ich auf und der Neck kann wieder nur Technik.


Neck, in Wicked, Germany, #2 - 1997

interviews_wicked_cover.jpg Da dich bestimmt nicht alle unserer Leser kennen werden! Stell dich kurz vor. Name, Alter, Crews und woher du kommst!
Ich male NECK/CNS (Checkin' Nuh Skillz), bin Jahrgang '74 und wohne zZ in Dˆºsseldorf.