cnskillz crew. graffiti. for real.
graffiti art by ate1 graffiti art by efas graffiti art by meric graffiti art by moritz graffiti art by neck graffiti art by scien & klor graffiti art by seak

in their graffiti pieces or in their digital pieces, they mix both in one: "when the street knowledge meets technology and graffiti melts with graphic design."

they discover graphic design via Neville Brody's book2 and understand that graffiti writers and graphic designers go on the same way: the only difference between graffiti and graphic design is the tool, except that you can do all that you want.

their truly unique and original style mixing original graffiti from the wall with vector style, makes them known world wide. for scien&klor, graffiti and graphic design are really linked, like they say: "it's all about style."


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crew sites

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